Our Community

Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand
Newtown has many old wooden buildings and a few high density council apartments. Wellington Hospital and Wellington Zoo are within the suburb of Newtown. There is a small shopping centre that has all the essentials. Newtown School is part of this busy community.

History, Ngake and Whataitai

The Maori(Indigenous people of New Zealand) version of how Wellington Harbour and surrounding land forms were made.Click on the link to find out about the story of Ngake and Whataitai.ppt

Newtown is set in the southern hills of Wellington New Zealand. Newtown was a harsh place. A swamp beginning somewhere in the Melrose Hills wound its way through what is now the zoo, and down through Newtown, widening in its swampiness as it went until it reached the lake that became known as the Basin, then flowed on past what is Courtenay Place to the harbour. Scrub thickly covered the sloping parts of the suburb and the roads were heavy and lonely.

Newtown School 1936.

Newtown School 1976.

Historic photos of Newtown