Our School Logo

Newtown School is undergoing some rapid changes in terms of school infrastructure. The school has plans to become an Enviro-school as well as a modern learning environment with Maori immersion facilities. The logo is a reflection of this exciting new direction.

The Logo Story

“The Journey of the Newtown Student

The logo symbol is packed with meaning. It is an “N” shape.

We enter the “N” shape on the left hand side. First, we are greeted by two korus. The first koru is the student. The second koru (downward looking) represents current students, teachers, the school community welcoming the new student to the school. The two korus (together) symbolize “connection, friendship, and partnership”. Together they embark upon a learning journey.

The Stream

The stream (the river of learning) symbolises the learning pathway and is represented by the wave shape at the top of the first part of the “N”. The journey is overseen by Mt. Victoria (the green koru shape).

The stream flows down to the fern shape that represents Newtown’s unique learning culture (the PB4L values and learner qualities). Students then

move up through the fern shape (a continuation of their learning pathway) and carry on out into the world.

The logo colours are bright and energetic. The green symbolizes growth and learning while the blue is a brighter version of the existing school blue colour. The purple and lighter green tones provide an additional dimension.

The fern with the purple and green tones also represents Newtown School as a multi-cultural “Kiwi” school. The fern is an iconic Kiwi symbol.

The Motto

“Love learning, love life!”

Learning is meant to be exciting and life is a learning journey.

We want Newtown students to enjoy their learning experience at school and continue on their learning journey beyond school and into their adult lives.