Latest Newtown School ERO Report

"The school’s curriculum effectively promotes positive outcomes for students. Students are well engaged in classroom programmes and enjoy opportunities to learn in meaningful contexts. They are generally cooperative, respectful and confident. The drive to give students more ownership of their learning should support increased engagement of priority learners." Read in full

Asking the right questions at school

These booklets have been written for everyone who parents a child - those who have care and responsibility for children attending a school. The booklets include questions you can ask, as well as general information that you may find useful.

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Your child's education

This is an overview of education in New Zealand, from early childhood education through to secondary school.

The information and questions are a useful insight into what education looks like in New Zealand and the opportunities available to your child

From education to employment

This booklet is about how you and the school can help prepare your child for life beyond school.

It will be useful for parents, families, trustees and students at secondary school.

Effective Teaching

Effective Teaching - What's happening in my child's classroom? gives parents an insight into teaching practice and includes questions parents can use when discussing their child's progress with the school.

School Trustees

This booklet focuses on school trustees and the types of questions they can ask to get the information they need about student achievement and welfare.

How is my child doing?

This booklet suggests questions parents can ask teachers in primary and secondary schools about their child's learning and wellbeing at school, and what to expect. It also looks at what makes a successful school.